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A Year in Review

As we approach the one year anniversary of the Novant Health Innovation Lab, we would like to share a recap of all the exciting news from 2022. Below are highlights of all the great work, partnerships, and events from the last year.


Innovation Lab by the Numbers in 2022


Join Innovation Nexus

The Novant Health Innovation Lab is launching Innovation Nexus, a membership program for startups and young companies with a goal of piloting innovative solutions at Novant Health. In order to aid company members in their development, the Innovation Lab team is looking for volunteers to act as mentors for startups in the clinical, technical, and business spaces. Volunteering provides a unique opportunity to work with cutting edge companies, broaden your skill set and knowledge base, and increase your impact on patients across Novant Health. Any team member can apply with manager/leader approval and you’ll be matched with a company that aligns with your interests and skill sets. Click here to apply!


For questions, contact Matt Floyd.

Technology Launches

The Launch of eVideon

In April, the Novant Health Innovation lab exhibited the eVideon patient engagement system, led by Christy Sprinkle. This launch allowed them to showcase the pilot underway at Matthews Medical Center that has since rolled out at multiple Novant Health Hospitals. eVideon integrates with Epic and provides patients and clinicians better access to information related to their care. Click here to learn more about eVideon.


Precision to Launch This Year

The Novant Health Innovation Lab and Dr. Adam Back are working to re-envision how patients engage with their anatomy by leveraging virtual reality to aid patient education. Patients can delve into the virtual space to engage with a 3D representation of themselves which allows them to see through the eyes of the provider. The pilot studyspearheaded by Dr. Backwill launch early this year.


Pulse Oximetry Launched to Devoid Racial Disparities in Health Outcomes

In 2022, Novant Health was made aware of the need to further investigate growing concerns around racial disparities in health outcomes related to manufacturing bias in transdermal red light pulse oximetry. This is the standard mode of obtaining blood oxygenation values without invasive procedures within Novant Health facilities. Through a joint effort between the Office of Health Equity, Novant Health Innovation Lab, and the Safety and Quality Teams, the exploring of technologies to devoid of such bias began, not only circumvent the current disparity, but offer superior performance and efficacy as it pertains to obtaining these vital signs. Employing such a technology will ideally lead to greater confidence in the medical decision component of a patient visit, increase patient safety, and provide sustainable gap closure in health disparities.


Launch of Movano Wearables Testing Program

Novant Health Innovation Lab launched a team member beta testing program that allows team members to test consumer wellness wearables that will launch soon. The program will create more opportunities to engage team members in trying products aimed at improving consumer health while ultimately expanding our enterprise innovation ecosystem. In early 2023, Team members will have their first beta test opportunity with the Movano ring, designed to track and analyze medical grade data and deliver insights to consumers across a wide spectrum of healthcare needs. If you're interested in joining the Movano Ring Testing Program, contact Lindsay Kort.


Moth+Flame Launch

The Novant Health Innovation Lab and Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) team have partnered with Moth+Flame to deliver world-class team member education across the system. Moth+Flame offers a fully immersive virtual training catered to empower the workforce with teaching modules including, “Conflict Management,” and “Having Difficult Conversations.” DEI team members have facilitated sessions in the Winston-Salem, Coastal, and Charlotte markets.


NH Teams Partnering on HIPPO Pilot

The KMC Rapid Response Team and Novant Health Tele-ICU group are collaborating on a pilot to change how the Tele-ICU delivers care to patients using Hippoa high-fidelity, voice-activated, hands-free telecommunication tool. Hippo allows for unparalleled access to patients at the bedside to supplement existing workflows. The Novant Health Innovation Lab and Digital Health & Engagement are helping to quarterback the pilot for a planned rollout in early 2023.

New Partnerships, Fellowships, & Ambassadors

Meet the Innovator Ambassadors

Meet the six Novant Health Innovation Lab ambassadors (pictured below)! The Innovator Ambassador Program is an appointment, up to a year's time, within one of the three Innovation Labs (GCM, Coastal, and GWS). Ambassadors work in a multitude of areas on projects which match the interests of the individual and organizational needs. Though these programs are not "rotational" in nature, selection will expose each ambassador to as many departments and in as much depth as they aspire.


For more information about the Innovator Ambassadors Program, contact Hallie Collins.

Lindsay Kort

DPS New Business Growth

Edwin Marshall

Office of Health Equity

Abdullah Birdsong

DPS New Business Growth

Isabella Zabaleta

Nuero Sciences Intern, MHA Student


Melissa Williams

Corporate Real Estate

Jody Johnson

FMC Radiology



NH Innovation Lab Partners with Digi-Bridge

Novant Health Innovation Lab partnered with Digi-Bridge, which provides technology-based, hands-on STEAM experiences for students at dozens of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. This partnership allowed students from Highland Renaissance Academy into our lab. Here they built basketball-shooting robotics for display at the inaugural Jumpman Invitational presented by Novant Health in December. This collaboration was a great foray into student programming that the Novant Health Innovation Lab team hopes to expand in 2023. Click the image to the right to see a short video of the event.


NH Innovation Lab Partners with Healium

The Novant Health Innovation Lab has partnered with Healium, a virtual reality therapeutic wellness platform, to supply a groundbreaking tool that delivers remarkable care to underserved communities through the Michael Jordan Family and Hope clinics. In addition, the Well-being and Resiliency team has plans to place 15 headsets across PMC for team members and staff starting early this year. Healium offers over 30 immersive relaxation modules centered around breathing techniques, mindfulness training, and meditation proven to reduce stress and anxiety in just five minutes.


Hiring Heroes Corporate Fellowship

Recently, the Novant Health Innovation Lab along with the Veteran Business Resource Group and People & Culture began working on an effort to create an intentional veteran hiring initiative at Novant Health. Through the "Heroes Skill Bridge Program," this group was able to interview potential candidates who are leaving the service and will live and work in NC. Pictured to the left is, Dale Anderson (left) and, Allen Langston (right), who were hired through this program. For questions, contact Paula Kranz.

External Ecosystem Development News & Events

Health Innovation Summit with RevTech Labs

The Innovation Lab continued fostering a relationship with RevTech Labs, an incubator headquartered in Winston-Salem. This included attending a Health Tech Summit in Charlotte in September, and hosting a Happy Hour event at the Innovation Lab for the attendees. The Happy Hour event showcased more than a dozen Health Tech partners and was attended by more than 80 professionals ranging from Health Tech entrepreneurs, education leaders, and Fortune 100 partners. Click here to learn more.


NH Innovation Lab Hosts Nordic AMPlify

With participation from across Novant Health, the Innovation Lab hosted Nordic AMPlify for a US Healthcare 101 conference in May. This event provided exposure and education to 18 Nordic companies who are working to enter the US market. This event included guest speakers, facility tours, SME engagement, and networking opportunities. Click here to learn more about Nordic AMPlify.


Irish Companies Pitch to NH

In June, the Innovation Lab hosted foreign incubator, Enterprise Ireland, for a pitch event for Irish companies interested in entering the US Market. Guest judges from across Novant Health heard pitches from eight companies spanning various healthcare verticals. Click here to learn more.


RMC Foundation Gets Help from Innovation Lab

Through the generous support of the Rowan Medical Center Foundation and a little help from the Novant Health Innovation Lab, the Wallace Cancer Institute now offers a virtual reality experience for patients undergoing treatment. The Real System i-Series headset transports patients across the globe from walks around the Eiffel Tower to the beaches of Bali providing a welcome reprieve in the form of distraction therapy. Patients may also “Zoom” with a friend or family member to share the journey together. The Lab is collaborating closely with team members at FMC to bring the technology to Winston-Salem this year.


HCC Community Education & Engagement Mental Well-Being Exhibit

In May, the Novant Health Innovation Lab hosted a Mental Health Awareness Community Education and Innovation Exhibit in partnership with the Healthy Charlotte Coalition. This event provided innovative resources to help address the mental health crisis in our community. We were able to educate employers and families about new tools they can use to support the workforce. This event showcased an exhibit of apps, virtual reality, mindfulness exercise, AI bots and robots, virtual coaching, programing (e.g., Hopeway and Eleanor Health), and public resources available via city/county officials.

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